Confidentiality, Health Information and Mature Minors.


Confidential health care is a human right enshrined in law. Your health information can be disclosed to others as required or authorised by or under law, when you consent or where it is unreasonable to seek consent.

In order to comply with our legal obligations to protect your privacy we have policies which we must follow. These policies generally require us to have your written consent to disclose your information. This consent is normally required to be able to discuss any details of your health care, including appointments, with other family members. Consequently, if you contact us to discuss an appointment for another family member we are unable to do this unless their consent is documented within our system.

We appreciate that at times this can be very frustrating, however our staff are required to follow our policies and are trying to be as helpful as possible within the parameters of the law and our policies.

To avoid this frustration, talk to your GP about who you consent to having access to your health information.

Special provisions apply for the handling of health information for individuals under the age of 18, especially those who may be "mature minors". For more detailed legal information please click here 

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