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We would like to thank all the patients who generously gave feedback in our recent patient survey. The results are back in and your suggestions and comments are being thought through for how we will improve the care and service.  

In the meantime as we work out how we will act on your suggestions there is, amongst all the very positive comments, a theme that has emerged around issues with getting appointments with our busy GPs. 

1. I can't get into see my doctor of choice in a reasonable time.

Suggestion:    We appreciate that seeing your doctor of choice is very important in order to build a trusting relationship with your GP.  Unfortunately many of our   GPs  are booked out some weeks in advance so we encourage you to book some appointments in advance to create a plan for your care and additional appointments to review that plan. In between times while you will probably need to see another GP for urgent care, all our other GPs have access to the plan for your care that you and your GP have formulated in one of your pre-booked in advance appointments. If you are very concerned about seeing your own doctor another option is to ask one of our receptionist to send a message to your doctor requesting an urgent fit in appointment.   

2. I don't have time to ring at 8:30am to get an appointment

Suggestion: Book online 24/7 using the appointment booking app Appointuit or follow the online link at the top of this page Make An Appointment

3. Doctors seem to be running late more and more. 

Suggestion: This is a tough one and our GPs are very conscious that your time is valuable and try to keep waiting time to a minimum. This is why we have a standard appointment time of 15 minutes not 10 minutes. From time to time some patients do have multiple complex issues to resolve, that really need attention on the day or may be quite unwell. If you have a list of issues to discuss with your GP or complex ones, where possible we recommend that you book a long appointment (30 minutes). We understand that this is not possible in many situations, so if you have thought through what are the most urgent issues that you would like to discuss in detail on the day and what can wait for a follow up appointment, this will help. Unfortunately there are no easy answers to this issue as if we make all appointments longer there are less appointments. We are working on ways to keep you better informed if your doctor is running late.

Although these issues are complex we hope to develop some innovative solutions to trial and if successful, incorporate into everyday practice.

Please keep the suggestions and feedback coming which is essential to improving your practice

Thank you. 

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