You can now get your results on your phone!


We are now using a new system for notifying you about your test results.   This is a secure, confidential way to receive your personal results online. 

You will need to provide consent for your results to be available.  Once your results are available you will receive a unique PIN login via SMS. This PIN will give you access to the secure website where you can view your results and any comments or instructions your doctor has added.

When you are signed up for online results you will stay registered for 3 months.  Following the 3-month period your doctor will need to re-enrol you so that you can continue to receive results.

In most instances test results are normal.  If a result requires follow up the comments will let you know what your doctor wants you to do.  You may also receive another text message from us asking you to make an appointment.  This is a back up process to make sure that important results do not get missed.

In the event of a significant or urgent result you will be contacted by our staff to make a follow up appointment to discuss them.  These results will not be notified to you by SMS.

This system will replace our results line service which will close in December.  From this date it will no longer be possible to ring for results.

If you are interested or have any questions please talk to your doctor.

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