Feedback, Suggestions and Queries

At Central Medical Group we pride ourselves on the quality of care that we provide to you and/or your family. Your thoughts and suggestions are vital in helping us to maintain this service.

We appreciate your time and all comments and suggestions will be reviewed by our Quality Improvement Team (QIT).

Due to privacy and confidentiality laws we are unable to respond by email to any specific queries about your clinical care or appointments. This is because we are unable to verify your identity in this feedback and suggestions service.

We are investigating options to be able to do this securely but at present for all queries about your clinical care you can;

  • send us a message using the link below and if you advise which doctor we will pass that message onto them. As your doctor may be away on leave or on a course, for anything urgent please ring us.  
  • ring us on (02) 6024 3233 


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