Youth Health

Children's HealthMost people are generally healthy and this is a very important time to make sure you are too. At this point in your life many things change and dealing with this change can be hard. 

Youth can face many health challenges with Mental Health, Physical Health and Cancers. Sometimes your health can stray away from the normal but there are digital resources you can access to help understand if this is happening. It can be scary trying to get the help you need but you're not alone. There are many websites, self tests and apps that you can use to get insights into how you are travelling before seeking professional help.

Below are links to websites that generally have up to date medical information.

Please be aware that the information provided in these websites is not a substitute for talking to your doctors about your concerns.

  • headspace
    Headspace is a National Youth Mental Health Foundation designed for young people and their families to access the help they need for problems affecting their well-being. They cover four main areas: Mental Health, Physical Health, Work and Study Support and Alcohol and Other Drug Services.
  • Kids Help Line                                                                                                                          Kids Help Line is a free, private and confidential 24/7 phone and online counselling service for young people under 25.
  • Black Dog Institute                                                                                                                  The Black Dog Institute is a research institute that aims to reduce mental illness. They provide information about the illness, where to get help and self tests for many mental and emotional conditions.
  • CanTeen                                                                                                                                  CanTeen is a specialist treatment and support service for young people aged 15-25 with cancer. They provide counselling services and specialist youth treatment teams.
  • Youth Cancer Service                                                                                                              Youth Cancer Service is a specialist treatment and support service for young people with cancer. Together with CanTeen they provide information about diagnosis, treatment and life after cancer, and support for young people.
  • Redkite                                                                                                                                    Redkite is a charity that assists young people under 24 with cancer and their families through diagnosis, treatment and after treatment ends. They offer financial support for families, educational resources, information, counselling and support.
  • Challenge                                                                                                                                Challenge provide children up to 18 with cancer or life threatening blood disorders and their families with daily support at the time of diagnosis, throughout treatment and after. They focus on the well-being of the entire family by organizing holidays, camps and outings.

While the links above will help you understand it is essential that you talk to your doctor about any concerns you may have. Building a relationship of trust with you doctor is important which is why everything you discuss is private and confidential. 

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