CMG does not routinely advise patients of their results, even if they are abnormal.

All patients are responsible for obtaining the results of any investigations performed.

A pathology results line has been established between the hours of 2:00 and 4:30 PM Monday to Friday.

This is accessible on 02 6024 3233.

Dedicated nursing staff will discuss your result with you and advise of any further actions recommended by your doctor. However, we encourage all patients to discuss these results with their doctor in person via an arranged consultation time.

No results are issued until the doctor has viewed the result. In general this takes at least 3 working days before the results are available. Some tests will take longer. Ask your doctor at the time the test is ordered when and how you should follow up your results. Reception staff are not authorised to issue results.

In line with our privacy policy we can only give results directly to the individual unless we have written permission to provide them to someone else. 

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